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Mary and Redge

Sone of a Sailor with Gene McLean (owener) and Jose Orantes (rider)

“There’s nobody better than Mary Midkiff for starting young horses the right way. Our graded stakes placed Purim’s Dancer would not have become the terrific horse she is without Mary’s foundation.” ~Corey Johnsen, Thoroughbred owner/breeder, President Kentucky Downs

Mary Midkiff

Mary Mikdiff


About Us

About Mary Midkiff

Mary Midkiff is a top horse trainer who has spent a lifetime understanding the needs of horses and creating special programs designed to give them and their owners the best outcome possible. Mary has a Kentucky Horse Racing Commission Trainer's License.

In her own words:

"The natural ability of many horses to think and perform is compromised even as foals due to the abundance of environmental toxins - in the grains and dried grasses they consume, wormers, vaccinations and even in their own mother's milk. Additionally, horses in the wrong situation can shut down or act out, especially if their innate temperament has had no means of expression other than fear or aggression.

A horse growing in such negative conditions will not have the capacity to be educated, managed and trained. Unfortunately, many horses headed for performance careers today can be subjected to any number of seemingly inflexible or unproductive environments that detract from, rather than support, their mental wellbeing and performance under pressure. Even a well-adjusted horse can fall into negative mental and physical patterns that don’t receive the attention or understanding they require in order to recover and rebuild.

It does not have to be that way.

Whether it’s providing the necessary care and patience to heal an injured horse or giving youngsters the specific support they need to grow and ready themselves for a productive athletic career, we provide the right tailored training program at the right time. From cleansing the intestinal tract to strengthening the digestive and immune system to re-charging the nervous system and on to establishing a trusting, positive communication loop, we put the physical and mental package together for every individual horse.

Often in just a few short months, it is gratifying to see the horse transform and become confident with a clear understanding of what is being asked of them.

We ask a great deal of horses and they give back everything they have to entertain and satisfy us. As top athletes they deserve to be 100% prepared for the task ahead of them.

Our training program provides an extraordinary foundation and as a result horses are able to think clearly, learn quickly and utilize their physical athleticism to the fullest."


Jane Beshear - First Lady, Commonwealth of Kentucky
Carole Farmer - Owner, Shadowlawn Farm
Corey Johnsen - President, Kentucky Downs and CJ Thoroughbreds
Dr. Foster Northrop - Veterinarian and member, Kentucky Horse Racing Commission
Randy Bradshaw - Thoroughbred trainer, RKB Breaking and Training
John T. Ward - Executive Director, Kentucky Horse Racing Commission
Phillipa Sledge - World Champion Saddlebred owner/breeder/exhibitor (Pidgeon Roost Farm)
Julie Bell - Former Director, Green Hill Therapy Center and Thoroughbred owner
O’Neill Lawrence - Natural hoof trimmer and gaited horse owners
Dr. Jack Easley - Veterinarian
Nina and Edward Bonnie - Owners Thoroughbred race and show horses, member Kentucky Horse Racing Commission
Gene McLean, Horse Industry Lobbyist, Racehorse owner and breeder
Dr. James and Jeanne Fletcher, Racehorse owners and breeders
Lon and Robin Wiggins, Racehorse trainers
Diane Goss, Racehorse owner and breeder

Additional background

  • Women & Horses LogoCreator and founder of Women & Horses™ programming (
  • Support services and products for the horse industry
  • Award-winning, bestselling author
  • Certified Horsemaster®, speaker and program leader
  • Performance and racehorse rewiring and repurposing


Mary MidkiffMary Midkiff

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