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Midkiff Horse Training for all ages and types of horses: Pleasure horses, sport and show horses, racehorses
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“Mary has innovating ideas for our industry.” ~Ian Wilkes, 2012 Breeders’ Cup Classic-winning Thoroughbred Trainer



Mary Midkiff loves horses and over the past seven years has dedicated her focus to educating and preparing young Thoroughbred horses for their athletic race career.

This page gives you a glimpse into the racehorses she has pre-trained for the racetrack for multiple owners and trainers. Also there is a section for the performance and show horses she has worked with in the past that have gone on to become top professional athletes in competition, others have developed into safe, quiet horses that partner with people for recreation and leisure and still others she has gracefully transitioned into a healthy, happy retirement.

Mary talks to horses, heals horses, balances their mind, body and spirit and sets them up to be resilient and strong in the future. She would be honored to bring your young horses along in a positive environment toward their racing career.

Sport & Show Horses


Healing and treaining of sport and show horses by Mary Midkiff Healing and training of racehorses by Mary Midkiff


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