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General Quickie at 3 with Stephen O'Callaghan

“When a yearling has special needs I turn to Mary Midkiff to figure them out, get them going and have them ready for the next phase of their life.” ~Mark Toothaker, Toothaker Sales, LLC, Lexington, KY

Mary Midkiff

“We had a filly with severe behavioral problems that we sent to Mary. After a couple of months in Mary’s program, I was pleased to see she was well-mannered, quiet, easy to handle, looked great and moving forward in training.” ~Terry Nickell, Manager, Richland Hills Farm, Midway, KY

Mary Midkiff photo

“Mary's professionalism and excellent animal husbandry skills and talents are second to none in working with equine. Her training and rehabilitation techniques are individually tailored for each animal under her care. Patience, kindness, compassion, and determination are her gifts and tools with which she obtains quality results. Clients are pleased with her communication skills as she cares for their horses.” ~Jack Easley, DVM, MS, Dipl. ABVP (Equine)

Dynazar as a yearling during winter training with proud owner Jim Fletcher
Dynazar with owner Jim Fletcher

Mary Midkiff
Dynazar, Winter 2013/14

Playrockforme (Rocket)

Training Techniques

Mary Midkiff horse training specialties include early development programming, therapy, rehabilitation and non-invasive support for performance horses to bring out the best in every horse, naturally and effectively.

  • We build exceptional and well-adjusted equine athletes using natural techniques, nutrition and supplementation.
  • We provide extraordinary support for growing, educating and training young Thoroughbreds, preparing them for the rigors and demands of a racing career.
  • We specialize in helping horses and their people realize the best outcomes possible.

Horse Training Presentation by Mary D. Midkiff

Midkiff Horse Training presentation transcript

Why Mary Midkiff's Program?

As young Thoroughbreds leave their mother's side and begin their independent life, it is important they receive positive, reassuring handling, the best supportive nutrition and plenty of horse and human socialization.

Once they become yearlings and start their education toward being a weight carrying athlete, they deserve a positive, intelligent environment around them designed to build bodies and minds that can perform, overcome obstacles and respond.

Mary Midkiff provides a calming, safe environment, intuitive positive energy, solid nutritional foundation, a confidence-building program and expert horse handling for each and every horse.

Professional trainer and credentialed horse expert Mary Midkiff has created a unique, healthy, supportive environment for horses to grow, heal and perform in every way -- mentally, physically and emotionally.

We make natural, proactive and positive choices for the horses in our care, providing the ultimate in individualized attention and training …

  • Healthy, nurturing environment
  • Optimal nutrition
  • Mental and emotional rewiring
  • Immune and digestive system repair
  • Prevention of disease, toxicity and injury
  • Consistent exercise and work

… all designed to bring your horse to an optimal state of participation and performance readiness.

To approach maximum performance and productivity, each horse needs specific support systems at all stages of their careers:

  • Weanlings need a sound nutritional, mental and athletic base to grow on
    • Investment: The right feed and handling
    • Result: Healthier colts and fillies ready for sale or training prep
  • Yearlings need focus and manners to make training effective and efficient
    • Investment: Mental/physical development techniques and nutrition
    • Result: Readiness to transition from farm to sale to serious training
  • “Head cases” need rewiring
    • Investment: Understanding, communication and compassion
    • Result: Recapture the promise of productive performance
  • Performance-stressed horses need physical and emotional damage repair
    • Investment: Problem sourcing and rebuilding the nervous system
    • Result: "Rescue and recapture" that allows a career to proceed and blossom
  • Ill or injured horses need treatment, time and support
    • Investment: An attentive team with the right treatments and therapies
    • Result: Genuine, complete, healthful recovery
  • Difficult Fillies and Mares deserve balance in their body, emotional well being and mental health
    • Investment: Midkiff’s special communication and support is extraordinary; settling and understanding
    • Result: A happy athlete enjoying her career and the routine that goes with it

Complicated and challenging issues can have a simple answer. When it comes to horses Mary Midkiff and her team have the solutions. Horses deserve the time, effort and concentrated knowledge we invest to help realize your performance objectives. We work with you to establish the most comfortable and productive programs, combining traditional elements with the latest holistic and organic regimens to put your horse on the right path to achievement.

Mary Midkiff and her associates surround the horses in their care with an environment of positive energy, revitalization, transformation and empowerment.

Our Equine Experts Are Here and Always On Call

  • Veterinary care and consultation with a natural, holistic default
  • Trained equine nutritionists emphasizing organics
  • Natural hoof care
  • Chiropractic and applied kinesiology
  • Consistent, effective organ cleansing and support
  • Worm and parasite testing/treatment

Our Therapies Are “Horse-First” Driven

  • Massage
  • Acupressure
  • Endorphin release
  • Myo-fascial release
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Toxin testing and detoxification
  • Aromatherapy
  • LaserLight therapy
  • Energy Manipulation
  • Dowsing

Care and Feeding

Care and Feeding of HorsesOur specialized feeding is profoundly beneficial to horses of all ages, breeds and disciplines, and is formulated based on the specific needs of each individual. We feature:

  • Exceptional natural and certified organic nutrition when available
  • Clean organic grains
  • Hay tested and purchased for nutritional value and balance
  • Free choice minerals
  • Free choice deep-mined rock salt
  • Well-lit and well-ventilated stabling
  • Multiple feedings and feed regimens

Younger Horses

Development: Assessing and implementing individual young horse needs

The worst thing that can happen to a young horse is to be put in a large program where they are treated as a number; Same food, same training, same schedule, same program for every horse. The “good ones” that show early talent or ability are singled out and sent forward, the others are culled and sold, pushed on with another trainer or sent home with no future or worse. Just because they don’t fit the “mold” early on does not mean they will not be an outstanding athlete.

We all know, as with people, young horses need the best start possible in life with an individual strong foundation if they are going to be successful as adults. Whether an investment is primarily financial, emotional or both, it makes complete sense that the early months are vitally important in preparing a horse for the athletic (and mental) rigors to come. With us, weanlings and yearlings are educated and nourished with their individual requirements, personality, temperament and growth patterns in mind. Their internal organs, joints, feet and limbs, immune system and mindset are strengthened and readied for the next phase of their performance life.

Our young horse programming takes many forms, including:

  • Weanling management and nutrition, starting these youngsters on the performance arc
  • Yearling pre-sale certified conditioning and manners, creating an asset with an advantage
  • Yearling, Two Year Old, Three Year Old race preparation, bridging the time between sale and serious training with critical nutrition for optimum growth and bone development while simultaneously exercising them physically and mentally. We start them with ground exercises, regular tying and grooming, bathing when weather permits, loading practice, hand walking and grazing, ground driving, and finally carrying tack and a rider's weight, learning all about balance.

Rehab and Lay-ups Offered for Any Racehorse

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Playrockforme (Rocket) has been in my training program since last Fall and is now actively racing. She finished second in an open allowance race at Belterra Racecourse in May and we are looking for a turf race for her next outing. Last year she was running in $7500 claiming races. Now she is competing successfully in allowance company. So proud of her advancements in both performance and behavior.

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